Rules - Spixx

Bot Rules

1. Abusing Exploits/Bugs

If you find anything inside of Spixx which can be abused to benefit you or another person you are expected to report this to the developers immediately.

2. Scamming Users

When trading with other users, whether that may be betting on fights or just basic trading, you are expected to fulfill the trade. Not doing so will result in punishment. If you'd like a safe place to trade where all trades & bets are monitored, you can do so inside of our Community Server!

3. Impersonation of Staff

Impersonation of anyone inside of our staff team to try to fool other users is punishable and will not be dealt with lightly.

4. User Bots / Self Bots

Usage of Self Bots / User Bots or anything else related which can automate the process of using the bot is strictly prohibited and will result in punishment.

5. Spreading Rumours

Spreading rumours of the bot with the intent to give it a negative reputation to other people is forbidden and will result in punishment without the option of appealing your punishment.