FAQ - Spixx

Frequently Asked Questions

Spixx is a feature rich Discord Bot used in over 4,200 Servers.
By default Spixx comes with over 75 commands ranging from Currency, Music and even Image Commands!

Spixx's prefix by default is s!, you can get started by running s!help to see a list of available commands.
If at all you dislike the default prefix you can change it to anything you'd like by running the s!prefix command!

Make sure that Spixx has Read Messages and Send Messages permission in the channel.
If that isn't the case you can try mentioning Spixx @Spixx#6936 to make sure you're using the correct prefix!

If you need further support, join our support server and ask there!

If your experiencing issues with Spixx, please join our Support Server so we can assist you!