Spixx includes a large range of commands for everyone to enjoy, Ranging from Currency, Image, Fun & More!! Be sure to try them out for your self

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Some Things Spixx Includes
Want a full list of commands? Run the s!Help command!

Spixx includes a enjoyable economy system for everyone to enjoy! You can even rob the people you hate most for their money, be careful because they may rob you back...

Image Command's

Spixx comes with a large variety of image commands to display how you feel, if you want to slap someone maybe even kiss someone... Spixx allows you to do that! Make sure to check them out.

Patreon Rewards

Upon becoming a Spixx Patreon you unlock access to a wide variety of Premium commands, This allows you to gain money alot faster which is quite handy when you need it most. It also grants you a hoisted role inside of Spixx Community to show that you support the bots development!






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